Clearance Letter Request

1. Please complete the request form below and submit it for review.

2. The Treasurer will confirm that the current homeowner's account is in current status with no past dues.

3. Once the account status is confirmed, the Treasurer will prepare and send a Clearance Letter to the email address specified in the request form along with other required documents (i.e. C&Rs, current budget, etc.).

4. A check made payable to Winding Creek Estates Homeowners Association will be due at closing in the amount of $150 to cover the cost of the Clearance Letter. If additional funds are required to bring the account to current status, that amount will be specified in the Clearance Letter.

Mail Check to:
Winding Creek Estates Homeowner's Association
1807 South Washington Street, Suite 110
PO BOX 333
Naperville, IL 60565-2050

22.1 Forms
: Please note that WCEHA does not complete 22.1 Forms as we are a PUD (annual revenue is less than $100K) so this form is not applicable to our community.

Email the Treasurer at [email protected]